Chakra Balancing Workshop with Hari-kirtana das, Sept. 28th

The Yoga tradition describes seven subtle energy centers in the human body called chakras. Literally translated as “wheel” or “disk”, each chakra is associated with specific elements, sounds, colors, emotional states, types of relationships, and qualities of consciousness. When these energy centers are balanced, the path to yoga is clear. But when these energy centers become unbalanced we experience obstacles to our progress on the path of yoga. In this workshop we’ll explore the characteristics of each chakra through discussion, the chanting of each chakra’s bija (seed) mantra during an asana practice that’s designed to sequentially balance and direct the flow of energy through the chakras, pranayama, and meditation. Students will gain a clear understanding of what energies are associated with each chakra and their correspondence to our physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and causal bodies.


It’s a New Fall Schedule!

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Tuesday- I-Rest Yoga Nidra Combo with Annette, 12 pm
Heated Vinyasa with Chuck Rogers, 6 pm

Wednesday- Inner Flame Yoga with Hari-kirtana das, 7:30 pm

Thursday- Heated Yoga with Suzy, 9:30 am
Vinyasa All Levels with Hari-kirtana das, 12 pm
Ashtanga with Maggie, 7:00 pm

Friday- Happy Hour Vinyasa with Alexis, 6 pm
Walk & Gentle Yoga with Annette, 6 pm

Sunday- Stretch and Strengthen with John, 8:30 am