The Vegan 101, part 2: Cooking and Eating Vegan with Toni, Summer Session July 18th, 6-8 pm

Whether this is your first vegan workshop with Toni or your continuing your study of vegan food, this is the perfect plant based vegan life-style class! Join Toni as she demystifies being vegan and forever lays to rest the “grass eater” myth!  Being Vegan is simplier than you think!  Be kind to yourself and learn about the kind diet.  It is gluten-free, dairy free night, fresh garden food night! $25 per person, $45 per couple

A Back Bends Bonanza with Maggie Lively, July 8th, 2-4 pm, $25

This workshop is for all, introduce yourself to backbends or hone your skill!  We will focus on building strength and flexibility to safely develop your backbends. We will go over a variety of techniques used to open up the upper back and hips to get you into your deepest backbend. This is an all levels workshop. Whether you have never done a full urdhva danurasana (wheel) or you are dropping into your backbends and standing back up, there will be something for you!  Grab a space with delightful Maggie Lively!  $25