June 16th, 6:30 pm, Spa Yoga, Open More than Your Muscles with Abby Moulton and Annette Kielkopf


Breathe. Join us for this all-levels, playful workshop that incorporates doTERRA essential oils to create a unique yoga experience. As we let go and open to life, we will enjoy fresh, summer citrus essential oils and their scents.   The circular energy of this practice focuses on side body lengthening and healthy function of the kidneys.   Creating space for mindfulness combined with the uplifting qualities of citrus oils will help to remove blinders and open peripheral vision. Breathe in citrus, exhale into the panoramic view of the body!  Sign Up at Classes June 19th, 6:30 pm!

Ladies Night Out! May 29th, 7:30-9:30 pm!

This is a May treat for Mom’s and every women out there!  The ahhh, comes out before we even get to the evening! Join us for an informative sampling of the many uses of essential oils with our favorite queen of yoga of essential oil, Abby Moulton! Enjoy the rest of the night with our massage therapist, Lisa and guest, Brigette Weis, foot reflexolgist. There will be other special treats, beverages and food. Get your friends and sign up today! Stay tuned for updates!

Open-Sit Meditation, May 31st, 7:15 pm

Insight meditation is simply the practice of sitting – being present to whatever occurs to us or within us at any given moment. When we get quiet and remove the overlay of perception, judgment, and commentary, we can begin to see more clearly habits of the mind and our own conditioned patterns of clinging and resistance.